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All Tourists who permanently or habitually live in a country outside the European Union are eligible to get VAT Refund when shopping in the European Union. You may be required to show your passport or any other identity document proving your residence outside the EU at the time of your purchase. Furthermore, the good(s) have to be exported within 3 months of your purchase.

All taxed goods which are not prohibited from export that could be carried in personal luggage are eligible for tax free shopping. The good(s) should be sealed and unused. Minimum amount to shop Tax Free = EUR 75,01.

  1. At your purchase you are handed out a receipt, a Tax Free Voucher as well as a prepaid easy2tax envelope.
  2. When leaving the European Union, present your receipt, your purchased good(s) and your easy2tax Voucher to customs and have the tax-free form stamped in order to validate for export.
    Please Note that refunds are not possible without a valid customs stamp.
  3. Mail/Post the stamped Tax Free Voucher and the original receipt with the provided and already prepaid envelope to easy2tax. You can track your Voucher by downloading our easy2tax App on the App Store or on Google Play.
  4. You receive your Tax Refund, already converted in your home currency, on your provided bank account.

When you made a purchase at one of our partner stores you get the chance to get your personal easy2tax LoyaltyCard. From now on shopping is much easier and way faster! Next time, just show your easy2tax card or scan your QR code at the check-out and all the necessary information on your tax free form will be completed automatically for you. It is also possible to activate your LoyaltyCard in our easy2tax App, to track your Tax Free Voucher.

The easy2tax App simplifies your shopping experience and brings a new level of transparency of Tax Free Shopping right at your mobile device. Track your Voucher from shopping at the store to the final Tax Refund transaction. If you already have an easy2tax LoyaltyCard you can connect it with the easy2tax App and use both. You can download the application for iOS and Android on the associated App stores.

The refund time depends on several factors, such as

(i) country of your bank account,

(ii) time of international bank transfers and

(iii) time until easy2tax receives your tax-free form.

Average refund time is approximately 3-4 weeks after we receipted your voucher . If you have not received your refund within 2 months, please contact our customer service.

easy2tax charges a fee for its service (the “Service Fee”). The final refund amount (the “Refund Amount”) varies according to:

(i) the price of the good(s),

(ii) the VAT charged and

(iii) the currency in which the VAT is refunded.

This means: Refund Amount = VAT – Service Fee.

Compared to other tax refund companies we do not charge extra fees if the voucher is not receipted in a certain time period. As long as we receipt your voucher within the limits of statutory regulations we proceed at our standard service fee.

If you made a mistake regarding your refund details, please contact our support team at [email protected].

If you purchased the good(s) with Cash:
Make sure to attach your easy2tax “Voucher Number”, “Customs Declaration Paper”, a copy of your “Passport” as well as the “Receipt Number” of the store where you purchased the goods from.  

If you purchased the good(s) with Card:
Make sure to attach your easy2tax “Voucher Number”, “Customs Declaration Paper”, a copy of your “Passport”, “Bank Statement” of the purchase of the good(s), as well as the “Receipt Number” of the store where you purchased the goods from.

Return to the shop where you made your purchase and ask the shop assistance to reprint your easy2tax Voucher. If you already downloaded the easy2tax App and connected your card number with it, all details are provided within the App. Just show your Voucher List to the salesperson.

  1. Requirements:

In order to get your Tax Refund you have to declare the unused and (if applicable) sealed good(s) at a customs office. This procedure has to be done when leaving the European Union. You are also required to present the original receipt of your purchased good(s), your easy2tax Voucher as well as your passport to the customs officer. 

  1. Transit / Connecting Flights within the EU:

If you are leaving the European Union from Vienna International Airport but have a connecting flight at another airport within the European Union, your goods have to be transported in your checked baggage. Customs office will validate your connecting flight and your transit and hence your goods. Your checked in baggage will be checked through to your final destination outside of the EU.

  1. Purchased Good(s) in the Suitcase (Checked In Baggage):

Firstly, go to the check-in counter of the airline you are departing with and claim and luggage tags. Do NOT yet drop off your luggage but take it to the customs counter. Purchases that you have in your suitcase must be presented at the customs counter for a Tax Refund. The customs officer will then stamp your easy2tax Voucher and drop off your luggage.

Customs offices for good(s) in the Suitcase (Checked In Baggage):

  • Terminal 1, Counter 195 and 196
  • Terminal 3, Check-In
  1. Purchased Good(s) in the Hand Luggage (Carry On Luggage):

After the passport control and the security check, you can show your purchases with receipts to the customs officer. The customs officer will then stamp your easy2tax Voucher.

Customs offices for good(s) in the Hand Luggage (Carry On Luggage):

  • Terminal 1, Gate C Area
  • Terminal 1, Gate D Area
  • Terminal 3, Gate G Area (3rd Floor)
  1. Feldkirch, Lichtensteiner Straße 139a, 6800 Feldkirch
  2. Hohenems, Diepoldsauer Straße 134, 6845 Hohenems
  3. Höchst, Hauptstraße 2, 6973 Höchst
  4. Lustenau, Reichs Straße 28, 6890 Lustenau
  5. Mäder, Rhein Straße 52, 6841 Mäder
  6. Meiningen, Schweizer Straße 94, 6812 Meiningen
  1. Innsbruck Airport, Fürstenweg 180, 6021 Innsbruck
  2. Pfunds, Kajetansbrücke 414, 542 Pfunds
  3. Spiss, Spiss 19, 6544 Spiss

For further information on Tax Free shopping please do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].